Visual Programming of Subsumption-Based Reactive Behaviour


Omid Banyasad
Philip T. Cox

Author Addresses: 

IBM Ottawa Software Lab
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
K2V 1C8

Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University
6050 University Ave.
PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3H 4R2


General purpose visual programming languages (VPLs) promote the construction of programs that are more comprehensible, robust, and maintainable by enabling programmers to directly observe and manipulate algorithms and data. However, they usually do not exploit the visual representation of entities in the problem domain, even if those entities and their interactions have obvious visual representations, as is the case in the robot control domain. We present a formal control model for autonomous robots, based on subsumption, and use it as the basis for a VPL in which reactive behaviour is programmed via interactions with a simulation.

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Report Date: 
March 15, 2008
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